Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jason and other recent events

We have been enjoying Everett. Last week the kids and I spent quite a bit of time looking for a midwife. We interviewed three different women and got to learn our way around the city a bit too. We tried to go to a church playgroup on Thursday, but got lost (I blame it on google maps!). Jason and I also took the kids to the Ballard Locks in Seattle on Memorial Day.We had a lot of fun watching the boats go through the locks. It was an adventure getting there (3 buses and about an hour and a half each way), but we had a good time!
My lovely sister sent us a couple of packages last week. She sent this book, which I adore and this knitting book which I am also enjoying. I decided with my newly found time I wanted to learn to knit! I have made three wash cloths so far and my next project is a blanket for the new baby.
Yesterday was Jason's birthday. Sorry - no pictures yet, I need to get a new card reader. We had a lovely dinner and Jason enjoyed all of his phone calls and emails. For dinner we had a lemon roasted chicken, crash hot potatoes (click on it - you need to try this recipe!), homemade rolls, and a chocolate cake. We didn't eat much of the cake, Jason had got a cake at work that he brought home too - so we have lots of cake!
We're looking forward to a visit from my mom and little sister next week. Joshua's hoping we can make it to the zoo while they are here. He's also wondering when other people are coming to visit us. Yesterday he asked when Aunt Sarah was coming for a visit. Whenever we drive by a McDonald's he tells me that his Grandpa will take him there when he comes for a visit. And he keeps talking about Brady and Uncle Mike coming to visit him this Summer. We're hoping to make it down to Medford, Oregon over 4th of July weekend to visit family as well. So hopefully with all of our visiting we won't feel so far from family!


Honey said...

I hope you get lots of visitors Joshua! I know Uncle Ryan is excited to see you and the rest of us are jealous we don't get to come!

Happy Birthday to Jason! How nice to get a cake from work - that's great. Sounds like a delicious dinner too.

Good luck navigating everything. I'm sure you'll get it all figured out in no time. We're just so happy to have you closer!

Sarah said...

All I can say, is if Uncle Mike and Brady come to your house first, I will be very jealous! I'm glad Jason had a good birthday. Doug's work didn't get him a cake. I guess sometimes it pays not to work for the man!

Nisa said...

Happy Birthday Jason - there is never too much chocolate cake!

Good luck with knitting. My neighbor taught me how and I made a scarf for Grandma, that was the last great knitting project that I need, but baby blankets knitted are always wonderful.

And as far as google maps goes, I agree. I have some pretty bad directional problems following their maps, they lead me to all sorts of nowheres. I've decided they aren't all that trustworthy. We need GPS - but only because there are no landmarks here so I get turned around all the time.
Hope you figure it out soon.

I hope you find an awesome midwife. Sorry I never called back that day. I thought that I wasn't really in labor after all so I lost my confidence. Turned out that I was in labor it just took two days to get anywhere. I don't know if that was because Cameron was posterior, but oh well. Definitely wasn't my most confident delivery but at least I made it to the hospital with an hour to spare. That is the most time I've spent in a hospital yet, and it stunk the whole time. So enjoy your midwife!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Jason! This post made me tired thinking of all the things you have been up to since the move. I hope you feel great. I am looking forward to the 4th!

Angela said...

Thanks for posting the recipe for the crash hot potatoes. Aaron was checking out your blog and begged me to make them for him. They were delicous!