Sunday, March 30, 2008


Mr. Innkeeper is currently chasing 4 realistic job prospects: 2 in Seattle, 1 in San Jose (CA, not Costa Rica), and 1 in Huntington Beach. He's also hoping to hear back from companies in Salt Lake and in Denver. The one in Boston fell through a few weeks ago; Austin hasn't called back; and he decided to let the one in Illinois go. So, despite vowing never to live in California, 50% of his job prospects, including his #1, are in the Golden State. In sum, we have no idea where we're going to wind up in the next few months, and the only one more confused and exasperated by the uncertainty than myself might be Jason. At least the kids are excited about the coming changes.

While we don't have a clue where we'll be, we are certain about one thing -- one more will be making the move with us. Number 3 is due some time in early October, and we can't be more excited. To quell your nagging suspicions, yes we were planning to have a third, and no, we hadn't thought that it would happen amidst all this turmoil. We had wanted to wait until Mr. Innkeeper had secured a job and we had moved and settled in a bit, but sometimes the Lord has other plans. Anyway, we are ecstatic for baby #3, and the kids can't wait. Delia has already taken to singing into my belly button and rubbing my growing tummy. Joshua is equally excited.

So there you have it. We can't wait!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yummy Cookies!

I made these mint chocolate cookies yesterday, they were so good. If you eat them without the glaze they reminded me of double chocolate cookies from Ben's Cookies. And if you like mint the glaze is perfect!

I also made Pea and Pesto soup yesterday, from Nigella's Express cookbook that took five minutes to make if you are looking for St. Paddy ideas - it was delicious! I love Nigella!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Saying goodbye to the piano today was a little bit hard. I loved this piano - it's an upright grand and it was just beautiful to look at. I thought that is sounded good for being over 100 years old and it still had all of it's ivory keys intact. My mom (who is moving back with her family to run the B&B) didn't like it as much as I did, so we had to find it a new home.Delia waving goodbye.
Joshua keeping an eye on everything.
This is the second time this group of movers got to move this particular piano in the past 18 months. They say it's the heaviest piano they've moved. I'm sure they weren't thrilled about moving it again, especially with our wonderful Spring weather!

Joshua is 5!

Joshua wanted to go the wave pool for his birthday. We had the pool reserved 2 and 1/2 months in advance and we're looking forward to our family party at the pool last Saturday. The pool called us last Friday night and said that their pool was broken and we would have to go to another pool which they had arranged. The pool wasn't quite as cool as the wave pool and Grandpa wasn't able to make it because we had to change the time. But we are supposed to get all our money back, so you can't really go wrong with a free party! Joshua and his cousins all had a great time and then we ended up at Grandpa and Grandma's later that night for dinner. Joshua finished out his big day by getting sick all over the kitchen floor - he was sick for three days and then Delia got sick. We are finally recovering! Joshua blowing out his five candles - I can't believe he's 5!
Joshua and his party guests!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have been volunteering at a soup kitchen every Thursday since August - today was my last day. I figured that while my husband was not working a regular job I would take advantage of him to watch the kids for a few hours while I went out and did something that I hoped would make me a better person! The first day I was there I remember how humbling it was to be helping feed these people who could not feed themselves. Most weeks it was hard to be there just because of the kinds of things that I saw, but I was always glad to go and will miss being there.

For lots of reasons I just decided that I can't do it anymore (at least right now). I was wondering what other moms with young kids do to help others. I want some volunteer experiences that I can do mostly from home and hopefully involve my kids somehow. Any ideas?

Saturday, March 1, 2008


My kids are lucky for lots of reasons. Growing up I had a family situation that I wasn't really happy with, I think most everyone wants a happily married mom and dad but that's not a reality for a good portion of people and it wasn't a reality for me. Now it seems that my kids are able to benefit from a plethora of grandparents and we adore them all!

Bubblegum Grandma and Bubblegum Grandpa sure know the way to a kid's heart - the kids enjoy their surprise packages of bubblegum! Grandma and Grandpa Hunt always remember birthdays and they love to play with all the grandkids. While we were in Denver this last time they watched our kids and Ryan and Honey's as the rest of us visited at the table. I hope they enjoyed playing with the kids as much as we enjoyed the adult conversation! When I asked Joshua and Delia what they like about Grandma and Grandpa Hunt they both shouted out in unison "bubblegum!"

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Ellen enjoy being the local favorites. I would embarrass myself if I went through all the things my Dad and Ellen did for us, like just this week Dad picked us up from the airport, while arranging for my brother to sit at the B&B and wait for a guest. They took my husband and the kids out for Chinese the night we got home (I napped!) and ordered enough food that I didn't have to cook for three days, well that's including the soup and spaghetti they left in the fridge for us when we got home. Grandpa dropped us off some croissants from a favorite local bakery yesterday. And last night Delia wanted to call her Grandma, the conversation went something like this: "hi Grandma! I want to come to your house." After she hung up the phone she said "I'm going to sleep in Grandma's bed!" So Grandpa and Grandma came to get her and she had a sleepover and then spent the day with them because when I called in the morning to ask her if she wanted to come home she said no! I'm trying to not be hurt by that! When I asked the kids what they liked about Grandpa Bill and Grandma Ellen, Joshua said "I like watching Treehouse (a local kid's station) and I like eating dinner with the missionaries sometimes!" Delia said that she likes Grandma's singing and lipstick!

Grandma Sylvia and Grandpa Mike live far away right now and by the time they move back to Nova Scotia this Summer we will have probably moved ourselves (definitely out of the B&B and most likely out of the country looking at Jason's job possibilities). We enjoy Grandma Sylvia's love of travel and have got to see her quite a few times over the last year, unfortunately we missed her this last time as she got stuck in Newark for a little longer than we got stuck in Nova Scotia! Our kids love reading stories with Grandma Sylvia and love their annual trips to the bookstore. The kids like playing with Grandpa Mike - Joshua remembers playing tag with him and they had fun on their boat ride this past Summer! Joshua said that he loved to play on their tennis courts (in Chester) with his cousin Brady. Delia said that she loved her new kitty sweater!

Nana Rozanna and Grandpa Roger are our adopted grandparents. I had the privilege of living with their family for three out of my four high school years and now my kids have the privilege of a little extra of their grandparent love! We enjoyed living with them for six weeks the Summer I was pregnant with Delia and Mr. Innkeeper was taking a bicycle frame building course in Ashland. Joshua still has fond memories of picking the few ripe strawberries off of the plant on their front porch. He also told me he loves the glow in the dark spiderman shirt Nana Rozanna sent him in the mail! We enjoyed getting to spend time with the two of them and their family this past Summer when they stayed at the B&B during great-grandpa's 90th birthday reunion! Credit goes to Jill for the pictures of Rozanne and Roger!

We love you all! Thanks for all you do for us and our kids!